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Life for Pattie always seemed simple. Her best friend from early on was Amy. They grew up together from the first grade all the way through high school. While they grew up they were the best of friends and you would of thought that they would always be inseparable.  Life blows can change things very quickly and cause an amazing amount of damage in friendships. There was this boy that they both liked in middle school named Adam. They had both talked about wanting him to ask them out but neither one had ever been asked. The three of them were always the best of friends and were always doing things together like riding bikes, playing, volleyball, soccer and basketball. I remember the time when Adam taught both of them how to shoot baskets and there was never any jealousy between the three of the until the first day of high school when a girl named Jenny, who was full of JEALOUSY for their friendship began to spread a vicious rumor. The rumor was that the three of them were having sex and that she had witnessed them doing drugs behind the school. The three of them had been Christians and grown up loving God and attending the same church since they were all five years old.  They had all grown up in good homes with loving families but it was not that way for Jenny. Her father and mother were always fighting and constantly belittling her and comparing her to others. Her parents during one conversation said to her, why can't you be more like Pattie, Amy or Adam. 

This cut to the heart as before this comment Jenny admired them for their walk with the savior. Jenny was not a bad girl by any means and loved her parents dearly. She was a very devoted daughter, but to hear this from her parents was more than she could handle so she allowed  her heart to turn to the dark side in an attempted to tarnish the other threes reputation. The three were very well known at school and all three were stellar students with excellent grades. Jenny was an OK student with fair grades and constantly struggled through school with only hopes of just graduating. At one point in middle school Pattie, Amy and Adam had learned that Jenny was struggling with school and stepped up to the plate to tutor her. This lasted for 6 months until Jenny was confident with her school work. After that she was most GRATEFUL. Jenny wanted to do good and always chose to see and bring out the best in people but after her mom and dad compared her to the other three she just seemed to snap. Her heart was filled with rage and she began to devise this evil plan to get back at them. On that first day of High school she succeeded and brought great disrespect for the other three. As Amy, Pattie and Adam came to school on that day they immediately became outcasts and everyone was laughing at them and joking about them and if that wasn't bad enough they had no clue why. There was comments made like, oh look, its the three some. We always knew you were all bi-sexual. When they got to there lockers there were notes with vulgar sayings all over them. Some of the text messages that they received said that they were nothing more than sluts, whores, and that Adam was a womanizer. But being the friends to each other that they were they banded together even to the tune for holding hands and praying out loud in the halls and by there lockers for those (of whom they did not know did the dirty deeds) that good would forgive them and that God loved them and that they thanked those that were guilty for doing it because those three Christians realized even now more than ever how much these people needed to know that Jesus loved them. 

Because they chose to have a heart of GRATITUDE, their eyes were opened to what God was doing and not to what the enemy was doing. Because of their faith, they became what you might say bullet proof.  It was not until then that by taking a step back that those three friends were able to see the need for these lost souls. As they would pray, other students would walk by and as they did some of those that were guilty would break out in tears, fall to their knees and immediately ask for forgiveness. 

               Others would sneer at them and call them freaks and then there was the other group that would stare on but shy away as to not to get to close, but yet want to be welcomed into the group. As the days passed Jenny would also walk by and mock them because she was for now unable to come to terms with what she had done. Many people could see that as the days progressed that she was weakening and that finally after a week since she had spread the rumor that when she walked by them if you were looking at her you could tell that she was getting ready to say something, but as if something was keeping her from opening her mouth she could not get even a sound out or open her mouth a little bit. At one point she just stood there with this blank look on her face. A look of bewilderment. 
                   Suddenly her knees began to buckle and she fell to the ground as the three students openly prayed for her and out loud forgave her. Jenny had never known such love and compassion and was completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of their love for he. As she responded by saying she was sorry her voice was returned to her and she right there in the middle of the hall confessed her sins and asked Jesus into her heart. Her heart attitude immediately changed and all three became reunited as friends again. After she had prayed and the halls full of students became silent to where you could hear a pin drop, students one by one began to come over and confess their sins wanting to know who it was, the God that Amy, Pattie and Adam served. As we look back, on that particular day 125 students gave their hearts to Jesus and another 13 Christians students recommitted their lives to Christ along with 6 teachers.  It has been said that they will know we are Christians by our love for others. 

This story is fictional but with a very possible prophetic real outcome.

As God's word says that we are to speak those things that are not as things that shall be made possible.

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